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tv   Planning Commission 12116  SFGTV  January 22, 2016 8:00pm-10:01pm PST

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bans feedback from the public for example, the feedback you provide may change how a street corridors looks at or the web policy the get started in planning for our neighborhood or learner more mr. the upcoming visit the plans and programs package of our we are talking about with our feedback and participation that is important to us not everyone takes this so be proud of taking ann to the san francisco planning commission regular hearing for wednesday, wednesday, january 20, 2016, any kind. proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner president fong commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore and commissioner wu
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we do expect commissioner vice president richards to arrive shortly and commissioner johnson is out on maternity leaving e leave commissioners, the first item on your agenda for continuance at the time of issuance no items proposed for continuance, however, we have received a request into the mayor's office of housing and community development a request to continue item 9 affordable housing program a planning code amendment to march 24, 2016 and we have received a request from staff to continue item 7 under our discretionary review calendar filbert street a discretionary review indefinitely by any public comment on the two items
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promoted for continuance okay. we'll call those (calling names). >> really, really yes. i live across the street from the proposed project and the reason that the applicant has requested a continuance is that we dmroefrd yesterday the roof deck that they seek to assess through the rooftop elevator box was at permitted and is illegal sir not to interrupt you can only speak to the matter of continuance. >> that's what i'm doing so it was illegal and not properly permitted and i can show you the plans if you're interested but the bottom line is we've gone through an numerous time and effort and expense in terms of opposing
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this matter and we find out the 11th hour it was all illegal in the first place they shouldn't be allowed to stay in line in the cue instead we believe they should you should take up the dr and deny the permit and not allowed to pull this they're attempting to say that the roof deck had been permitted that's what they told the commission it had not and shouldn't be allowed to stay in line but get to the back of the line. >> thank you, sir. >> i'm in port of denying the permit. >> jonas can i ask staff for clarification on that. >> good afternoon, commissioners david lindsey of
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department staff and found out this morning the issue was raised the staff regarding the legitimate of the question the legitimate of the deck of the elevator would assess and it does look like this is the case but staff wants to needs to investigate this fully and which is why we're asking for the continuance thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is a dick and i which is in this room 12 years ago when a similar project like the one that is being proposed. >> speak closer into the mike. >> did you hear what i said i'm sorry. >> yes. >> a rooftop elevator penthouse was proposed and the discretionary review and is commission you turned it down we
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are again face with what we're faced with a similar project but on the roof our team spent many hours and a fair amount of money you have to put forth a discretionary review and we do not understand how the project can come up again for the very same project that was turned down 12 years ago thank you. >> thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> on the items proposed plaintiff public comment on the items proposed for continuance. >> speaking on behalf of the project sponsor the appropriate time? >> sure. >> i'm tom of reuben, junius & rose on to here on behalf of the
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project sponsor we requested the continuance in all honesty, this was a surprise to us staff will concur if you look at the record for the property and the building code it is not clear the deck was not permitted and it is a surprise to us we would rather this would have not yielded happened no further delay not intent to inconvenience the commission or the dr requesters we think this can be easily resolved but not sure of the amount of time that is required we've not requested a date ask the commission continue this matter to let us resolve this matter thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> i'm sorry sir. >> sir, you've already spoken. >> rebuttal.
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>> no rebuttal commissioner moore are we commenting. >> you can or make a motion. >> we get instructions from the city attorney this is not unusual and i'm comfortable to continue this i mean, i can't get in the middle that have who said what and when but it is an our error the best way the department recommends. >> commissioner antonini. >> just one i'm in favor of continuance wondering why this is up at the last minute the plans were out for a while not understanding why it is not discovered at an earlier time with possible corrections brother this hearing and david lindsey from the planning staff i wish i could give you a good we are it was simply missed. >> thank you they've been a
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lot of controversy an decks and penthouses and things but menu when a whatever it is i'd like move to continue indefinitely as well as continuing the other item which is. >> item 9. >> item 9 to march 24. >> thank you, commissioners commissioners, if there's nothing further on the question of matter of continuance item 7 indefinitely and item 9. >> commissioner antonini. >> commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero commissioners, that places you under your under commission matters for the draft minutes for january 7, 2016. >> any public comment on draft minutes not hearing or seeing
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any public comment is closed. >> move to approve draft minutes. >> on that motion for january commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and places you on item 2 commissioners questions or comments. >> i'd like to first make a note of congratulations to christen johnson and her family and welcome cal eastbound to here born yesterday at 6 pound 9 ones by the photo on the phone with technology to be very bright and cute. >> just as sharp as her mother congratulations to the family and hopefully christine is not watching this but hope you're doing well and baby and mother
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are fine. >> commissioner antonini. >> yes. i know we've continued the last item on see the inclusionary housing to offsite one statistic i thought was stark out of the report of the inclusionary housing that's been built since the in acceptance of inclusionary housing 94 percent is low or very low income housing 6 percent in the moderate category and the bay area goals 16 percent for moderate housing that's one of the reasons we seem to have a disappearance of the mid-market middle-income citizens we have to find ways to build both
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market-rate and inclusionary housing that is in the price rage it what about afforded by people of this income level. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> 3 things quickly pursue i had the occasion to have brings or drinks with a pro housing member of a group called behave i want to pick their brain it was interesting as we started the conversation several things p that really hit home on some of the things i've been on the bandwagon on one was health issues causalities is housing social justice and equality it made any ponder wow. a lot of stoeshl policy objectives that a lot of us share citizens of san francisco, however, the way to achieve those differ i think when i told people to take a
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step back and dial i saw common ground on some of the irks amongst the differs group on the progressive side and the liberal side we share in common i i want to put that out there and on my way from meeting with sarah jones to the side the 460 side i walked through soma and noticed i was in a contest with the design guidelines i was trying to pay attention to what the buildings looked like and there were a lot of building built in the 90s that were absolutely not standing the test of time aging terrible and there's one building specific and corner of
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18th street and howard i don't know if it is the affordable housing site but it is falling apart and a lot of buildings that stood the test of time some are building in a alley i saw much earlier in the century i got down to the one of 0 fulsome a darker invade looking project i entered the waterfront the aluminum a in a and a couple of things on the i looked at the design guidelines the building on the fulton street side is terrible looks like a canister of cleaner when was dropped in the block 9 color is black it looks like something that belongs on another planet
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and look at the design guidelines one of the recommendations not have lives believes that are black i hope we don't have one i saw the inequity site i saw a great building and designed by another architect but even the towers is 4 hundred feet that is considered i guess here in height for across the street it works for me open space and setback and the public realms is engaging is the first of a couple of stories a can of cleaner dropped on the street so i want to let you know pay attention to this as a layman and try to understand what looks at good and what doesn't the last point is in today's chronicle 2015 was the hottest year an record and it was in the
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history since the temperatures were recorded i came to the back of the paper and saw sarah jones had a editorial in the paper about the way we'll be calculating the effect of transportation in eirs so we'll be going from the level of service whether an intersection functions well, for cars to vehicle in travel that gets at point of environmental impact and not penalize something that is encouraging scrawl slool as soon as possible we get that implemented that will be a good change loophole read that it is a great piece that sarah jones wrote thank you. >> commissioner moore i wanted to report to the commission we had a meeting on the pennsylvania and 22 street
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building that this department proved and tinting intent and asked to ay design of certain elements and i think in the end that meeting turned out to be constructive and forward-looking we'll continue to tend to it a site and obvious but i'll report it as a positive meeting. >> commissioner antonini. >> just a point of information correct me if i am wrong i walk a lot of the same places where commissioner vice president richards walked both infinity were designed but the same architect so i'm not sure the dashth invade is the next building in the area not up to. >> right next to each. >> not the same architect
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commissioner commissioners, if there's nothing further department matter director's report. >> thank you good afternoon, commissioners a couple of items today, i chaired the first meeting the housing working group with the mayor's task force the charge of this particular drop out group to look at the effects of any changes on pipeline projects we had a very good turn out 35 people commissioner vice president richards attend we appreciate that and having a series of quickly follow-up scheduled meetings in order to try to make recommendation within about 4 weeks in that process secondly, as you may know there were several potential ballot measures put forth one to housing and one proposed by the mayor to require the department
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and the controller's office to do a study of the increasing the inclusionary fees and would then substantially require us to do a similar study every two years the measure put forth by supervisor kim and other board members would change the current provisions in the charter to require a because of 25 percent inclusion and would allow the board to there that but not below 25 percent in 25 years. >> so we are looking at those these are not - they're still changes that would be made to this ballot measure not officially on the ballot they have to the first week in march to make changes or remove them from the ballot in it the ask the city attorney stacey to tell
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you what we can and cannot do it changes once officially on the ballot. >> thank you director commissioners kate stacey from the city attorney's office as you all remember the commission certainly has an objective and an impartial presentation of the fact or measures but for the measures that are while they're pending before the board and the mayor's murray and any measures submitted by the supervisors has a hearing at the full board so until that hearing occurs or the in the case the charterer amendment to put it on the ballot city resources may be used to advocate to the board and the mayor to either pass or not pass the charter amendments or men, women, and children
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amend the charterer amendment to the 4 members of the board of supervisors who signed the measure or mayor to withdraw their signatures or measure once the measure is on the ballot the city employees can't advocate to the board or officials anytime to the voter to vote before and after but advocate to the board or mayor to withdraw the measure that is so forth in a memo our office regularly provides to the last one was dated september 8, 2015, i'm happy to get you copies of that for those hearings. >> thank you commissioner antonini. >> so until such time 0 a as on the ballot weigh comment obtain the issues i have a procedural question i know that
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when the amendments are placed by petition that requires a significantly higher number of signatures what is the bottom line as far as the board of supervisors placing a charter amendment how many supervisors to put it on the ballot and how many signatures if b by the public to be passed. >> i believe a majority vote but i'll have to circle back with you. >> thank you. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> a point of clarification i show up monitored on the meeting on not the charter but an amendment and the board by 40 supervisors on the charter members as an individual that's okay. >> i want i can show up and identify myself as an
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individual. >> can i share commissioner vice president richards i'll need to talk to our political activity attorneys about that i'm not sure i think you can probably can but i need to talk to the political activity attorneys about that and get back with you. >> appreciated that. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further we can move on to item 4 past fences the board of appeals and the historic preservation commission there notice inform board of supervisors the zoning administrator ask i reading a report from him regarding the board of appeals the board heard 35 appeals for the contest accomodation, llc the appellants have a signed permit for 35 locations, however, the permits self-meet the definition that were amended by that interim controls in 2014
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and proximity controls in 2013 the appellant didn't modify the permits so the permits were denied the appellant which had entered into a settlement to have's the enforcement argued they shouldn't be subject to the definition the settlement live all the time states it is subject to the controls and in a, in fact, at the time of review the board anonymously denied the appeal the historic preservation commission did meet yesterday and one item of interest is the legacy business legislation at the life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness discussed and reviewed the process within office of small business commission representatives from supervisor campos and supervisor peskins office the goal to device a process for the commission and the historic preservation commission to review applications in a timely
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manner with minimum burden on applicant the only other item that was commission commissioner president wolfram and commissioner hyland were going re-elected for a second term if there are no questions we move on to general public comment at this time, members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to three minutes. i do w have one speaker card. >> thank you georgia. >> good afternoon i'm here to say something about the affordable housing program i would like you to vice listed paris i assume you've been there paris is used as something to strive for and i understand that
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but i think that is an incorrect comparison and analog you see going through the heart of city and the bridges it's a wonderful what can and the van house mammal cutting the boulevards through the city creating the large blocks of current buildings that were designated to be a certain size their large blocks and uniform the deems the window treatment to human scale small not those large blocks of glass we're seeing today and then the most important thing the street pattern beyond the boulevards that he said in plazas beautiful open space not a grid at right angles a spider
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web we're a grid of right angles maybe those buildings maybe 6 or 4 stories look better in a city like paris you mannered around not seeing a straight lines of block i didn't buildings not the same lot size and 20 or 50 in most cases i don't want to be blind by creating a paris i think you know it is worthy to look at paris but not a correct analog and just to finish i guess i know there should be concern over the rh1 and rh2 and rh1 and rh2 in noah valley i'm only focusing on i'm not sure about another areas the other question about enforcement it is hard to enforce the airbnb
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legislation how are you gouge do enforce how it is a possible to enforce the idea there - these will be given affordable housing you know and the different economic brackets i've not seen that on the website maybe ms. on the environmental impact report this is i wanted to think about paris and vices lists and understand that as compared to san francisco that was known as paris of the west thank you very much. >> fellow commissioners i'm tony vice president of the boosters neighborhood association i want to mention concerns about the department staff and the bonus program i'm getting copies of e-mails one of the members reached out to the
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department asking about you know is the community in bayview how much of the program will be impacted and she was told by an e-mail in the first page it has happened at the boyfriend citizens advisory committee earlier this month on the 6 at the booster we received no notice of meeting and that's the cca not a lot of people supposed to be 12 it but vacancies and no appointment a cac is not the same of a meeting unless they advertise to the public not on agenda for the january he meeting post on the website we have no idea home people were there no responded so that's not the same as a community meeting for how much of this is happening no bayview
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is a problem at at the same time no community meeting in bayview the same staff was reaching on a private e-mail to the bayview federation i'm sure you're familiar with those guys political advocacy in development at all costs they've been regulars in this room i know you're familiar with that they have a special meeting onramp tuesday at kirston's request a private e-mail hey we would like to introduce this program additional a response i'll quote planning is really, really keen on the ah d passing on the day at the end of the day planning knows who we or so planning staff knows who behavior is but not bayview in this program
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that's an obvious double standard and confusion of planning and political work it is not an accident this is done on an private established e-mail when the commissioners 1/3rd of to program about happen in the bayview is their decision about what they'll do african-american issues and the black property owns the only way to get ahead is by selling your property it is one of the value as on property only when it is redeveloped it pertains to the bias of the program thank you, commissioner commissioners. >> good afternoon, commissioners peter cohen in the housing organization i thought i'll take
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a moment to tell you we had written a piece a couple of weeks ago look ating the data how much housing the city has produced and it was fascinating i'd like to participate in a followup briefing that you calendar if this is the opportunity with staff but we hear a lot of the narrative in the media and other places we simply are not building enough housing we're failing to build housing if you actually look at the data your department has put out not drortd is a relatively recent pipeline update 24 commission approved nearly 4 thousand unit of housing last year and more pled 35 hundred those calculations still happening and the same thing the 35 hundred units whatever but
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the only other time the city has seen that production since 1963 we are in a new era this idea we've been sitting on our hands as at policymakers and do nothing is false and i want to encourage you folks to look at the data that your department produces and family-friendly feel pride you are right here this city commission generation of planning commissioners who have looked at more volume of housing than in any other time in the last 5 decades that's a lot of work and you're probably exhausted but certainly don't let folks convince you you've been moving two slowly or taking
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too much time or overall approvals are not important it's a bureaucracies take the time director rahaim as part of work to squeeze it down not push three or four thousand units of housing it's a lot of production congratulations and for us and the housing world is be matter much, much more who that housing going goes more o for so the balance of the dashboard helping help us understand the diversity that is art of a a little bit of a correction we'll be happy to participate in a workshop. >> is there any additional public comment? >> okay not hearing or seeing any public comment is closed. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> i know to mr. kelly's comment staff a breaking a leg trying to get out, etc. if
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whether go intentional or not the office could appear bad and i'll encourage if you have the time to especially in the potrero hill some of the potential of development. >> we're happy we went to the b.a. cac at supervisor cowen's request thank you. >> okay next item, please. >> very good commissioners commissioners, that places you under your regular calendar case 2015 this is a planning code amendment to redefine the amendment. >> good afternoon ride share manager of legislative foyers this is this item i'll continue my presentation. >> supervisor mar
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you a good afternoon, everyone i wanted to start by saying this has been a several year process with these a great working group that emry rogers and the planning department and my staff nick and others convened over pretty good period of time this legislation before you a simple solution to a problem that emerged in 2013 and 2014 we were looking at a couple of instances updating the formula retail use this is a narrow issue of the suby spin-offs i want to say this proliferations of formula retail before us has been acknowledged in different community from north beach to hayes valley and other places to the fillmore street corridor and
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other places last year or actually in 2014 when we the comprehensive overall or overhaul we involved the stakeholders in that process i think that we were able to find consensus with city staff and the various neighborhood successors to many others to strengthen our city's formula retail use controls that as on or about that we all committed to putting our heads together a complex issue before the working group and will focus on this issue i want to say the working group included 7 neighborhood organizations and 7 business groups and representatives national retailer rep and two pull officials office of economic workforce development and a local residents and a real estate industry rep as well but a lot of back and forth and
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compromises on both sides i want to acknowledge kate stacey and a lot of give and take if both sides and near narrowly tailored to meet the issue we're addressing i wanted to p is that the legislation is merely crafted and captured the spin-off only corp spin-offs and go through a conditional use once they open 3 places worldwide and won't effect 9 super duper and others that started out as independent businesses until they reach the 11 outlet threshold as well i want to say that good 3 criteria that define subsidiary 50 percent of more stocks with
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shares or similar that establishment is owned by an existing formula retail use or the parents of on existing formula retail use and number 2 there are 3 or more other retail establishment in operation anywhere in the world 3 global warming then this process kicks in and 3 that the retail establishment maintains 3 or more the features as defined by the planning department and planning commission for the standardized color scheme and uniform apparel and sniej a trademark or serve mark since the time we introduced this in july of last year, we've had further input on a number of issues that i'm planning to introduce some amendment language and one that coming out came out of the members of the working group is the concern
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about yet another will that we're trying to close that where some trying to gain the system or the talent process might try to like that. >> in as what we call that slip in as individual so as a result we're drafting an amendment so that if addressing the possibility of formula retail business are vetting the definition by an affiliated person i believe the owner the business defining the type of ownership but hope to have that language soon and nonsense to the staffing capacity i know we took it seriously so lemons e recommendations out of working group and thank you to supervisor president london breed office cox for participation but in response to the capacity concern the working group the planning staff not
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required to validate a subsidiary so sign an affidavit they're not a formula retail to code and working on crafting the language that will bring it forward when we come to the land use committee and also the staff report is i think dismissive of the sub religious so a small percentage but given the example of the gap that opened in 2011 with the san francisco mini store they rapidly expand to over 60 i'm not sure how many there are but looking at 9 trends of chance as far as they are concerned, and formula retail their looking at the strategies and we are on the cutting-edge to have something that really protects the balance of economic businesses in
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neighborhoods and protecting our city from being overrun by strip mauling mall type of cultures and too much of the imbalance could be if we don't set controls like this lastly i want to say that working with our working group i learned a lot the give and take process we updated the comprehensively the chance store and formula retail uses controls that is an example of almost near consensus with the expectation of one person but we work on the planning staff concerns they've raised but please support this legislation it is important, important the whole city and the neighborhoods as well thank you >> thank you. >> we may have questions at the end of the presentation if any no. >> i wanted to thank gay if a and emry rogers for your
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participation. >> thank you. >> excuse me. the promoted ordinance will amend the interim controls to formula retail which supervisor mar has outlined illicitly i'll not go over again, the commission any remember in 2004 a study to examine the current department of human services for a myriad of proposals from the board of supervisors the department used the data in the report so analysis existing policy and controls to determine whether the changes to the process the the result amended the city's formula retail uses 24 was effect in 2014 one issue that was not addressed was the issue of formula retail subries in order to get a better
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understanding supervisor mar formed a working group made up of twov individuals the working group never came to a concession how it should be regulated the contents led to the drafting of the ordinance the item before you today, the department consistently stated the regulation of subries we made our concerns known the planning department strongly support regularly formula retail use to have the unique character of our neighborhood the planning department as has been regularly the formula retail and open to the county regulation, however, the department is concerned that that will set a procession for ownership rather than the impacts like the other uses in the planning code the department is concerned with this ordnance about put a burden and not
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effectively enforce what is relative a small problem as the report found only three or four subries in the city this form of regulation is a form of expertise the department didn't have investigating with the ownership structure and finally, the department is concerned this plaza regulation on businesses in locations than businesses in league of women locations based on the lengthness of them to expand we tried to find ways through amendments or proposing an approach we said through ordinances the supervisors are responding to the concerns the constituents and want to be aware of concerns therefore it is a warrior for the department to remedy the approval, however, given the concerns the department recommendation is for
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disapproval that concludes my remarks i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> >> okay thank you opening it up for public comment we have some speaker cards. >> dee dee workingman and paul weber and others. >> susan speaking i speak so far the. >> next speaker. >> polk association and speak for the polk street or polk area merchant association we are strongly in favor of the proposal to limit subries a 8 hundred pounds gir rely that is trying to get to into the second street neighborhood the merchant
8:46 pm
make up the personality of polk street and strongly in favor of the proposal. >> thank you. >> good afternoon dee dee we've been working on the formula retail use for many many years i served on commissioner mondejar's formula retail subsidiary working group and no formula retail retails with subries on the working group i can tell you that not my strongest urging we get super duper burger to join that group i think they missed the first couple of meetings and were not able to go but no problem that exist in san francisco regarding the subries and formula retail
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uses that that is not agreed open and navigate a problem where subrisidiarieubsidiaries. >> in the you know the planning department commissions study in 2014 that shows that that less than 3 percent of retails in san francisco are subsidiaries of formula retail and if you look at the neighborhood commercial district that number is much less without regulation you can see the subries are not prolificing and it was last week this was a solution in place of a problem we don't have that problem and don't anticipate that problem but most importantly most importantly teams e attempts to
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regulate the land use laws that regulate the - spruce the economic competition that is illegal and unenforceable under the planning code we at the chamber ask you to uphold this and disapprove that legislation thank you. >> game-changer folks i have a letter i submitted a few days ago in case you haven't seen it i'm sam the president of the telegraph hill and here on behalf of the ph.d to support did formula retail subsidiaries amendments that were promoted by supervisor mar we believe they're close on intensity retail spin-off will that in the protections and it will remain there until
8:49 pm
you fix it if they're not closed by the action taken here and by the board they'll remain and the effectiveness of the protections embedded in the formula retail provisions will be vulnerable to buys u abuse those security guard north beach and other special places through the city they protect and preserve the special blend of small-scale local businesses and there are enjoyed by san franciscans and the visit that come to us to throughout the world we support the formula retail we also have the original legislation in 2004 to the prohibition of formula retail stores in north beach until 2004 and supervisor mar's strengthening controls in 2014 and again, today we're here to strongly support the amendments
8:50 pm
that supervisor mar has brought forward we think those amendments are necessary to prevent existing parents formula retail businesses from side stepping formula retail controls by creating new spin-offs designed to avoid those controls we urge you to support supervisor mar's amendments particularly his incorporation of the exclusive language he has proposed here today thanks. >> good afternoon kathleen north beach business association i'll also a member the small business commission but i'm not speaking for them today, i want to thank supervisor mar so far bringing this legislation times have changed and so must the planning code to reflective
8:51 pm
when is going on in 2014 this was not the issue it is becoming today, i was part of the planning group that spent time we vetoed it and voted democratically i can say on one person who voted against that that would be the chamber of commerce we worked on it together and revised it and had the city attorney to vet it and out-of-towner turn around to say this this is disingenuous for the hard work with qualified people did on the issue you know this process is only to narrowly capture the companies that parent is clearly a structure that only creates formula retail we're not talking about super
8:52 pm
duper or local people that do well and move forward we're talking about people that athletic opens they have a huge formula retail presence online they have a huge formula retail presence in catalogs if that is what you are fine apply for a cu and we'll move forward this is a reasonable thing to ask and it is enforceable and we ask you to honor the hard work of the qualified people that spent very much time on this thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is a paul weber the toovl delegate to the san francisco neighborhoods i too worked on the working group organized by
8:53 pm
supervisor mar and added that worked on some of the drafting of the materials that are before you today give you a little bit of background what brought that about the discussion was about that subsidiaries and indeed concern for that will that at the same time, a discussion turned it's attention to budding formula retail or some formula retail a circumstance the brooks broths has more than 11 stores so for it venal stores is now start a new line not the same common features as the vegetational stores only a or even comfortable line not the
8:54 pm
features that were putting them into the same group but clear what the brooks brothers have in mind they're going to start another line assuming successful and not stop at 2 the language that is proposed today would pickup what i'll call the budding sons of formula retails once they hit the number 3 and to avoid the circumstance where the budding formula retail are engaged to the real formula retail enterprise by nothing more than a franchise we've extending expanded the definition one is a affiliated person of formula retail and has which has common features with two other organizations
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then the rules apply and as people have said not about super duper or even phil's coffee but about large organizations who is business plan a multiple stores with with the gap or athletic can or something else we urge to support supervisor mar's amendments today thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is a andrew rush i hadn't intended to speak but unfortunately, the name super duper is four or five types i work for super duper their 3 stores in san francisco that is the key 3 and we have 10 stores in california if someone
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is saying this doesn't effect super duper i disagree i did research what was the strongest they know to say to you guys how this impacts super duper i looked at the 3 stores in san francisco and thought maybe the labor number of people that two work there a good impact and thought that would cough accompany with 70 we have over that one hundred this is would jeopardy expansion we have plans for here in the city i urge you to reject this thank you. >> commissioners thank you for your time i'm samantha
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representing the golden gate he was part of the working group maybe the forgotten no vote and i know folks were against the what we wake up what i'm urging to ask the board of supervisors to disprove the restaurant business is complicated we've talked about super duper they have 10 locations with other restaurants like many are you think not affiliated are super duper so by overregulating the subries that represent a small percentage of this we run the risk of -- strike that super duper i've heard the concern that san francisco will turn into a big city of mcdonald's, however, we have formula retail regulations to prevent this and
8:58 pm
again restauranteur ownership is complicated you may not be aware they own fox city dinner and others so should a small business want to have 11 locations it triggers the formula retail, however, opening up 3 other businesses should trigger the formula retail control staff ask do this move forward to will be two difficult to administer we can't regulate those on ownership we urge to follow their recommendations thank you for your time. >> thank you. is there any - >> good afternoon peter kooelg as citizen private citizen i am in the upper market area and had the pleasure in 2004 for working on the original
8:59 pm
legislation i was in hayes valley at the time and seen as landmark legislation as you may know san francisco is is he top of the heap in formula retail nationwide and updated in 2014 and supervisor mar took the lead in strengthening the legislation with modern times and one piece was trailing legislation this is a trend if we can't create policy and think the world around use it staves this is a real issue important what strikes me folks claim wait until there's a problem when did we band-aid our policies in anticipating the trends and problems and smartly protecting for those and managing at the front end that's why san francisco is seen as a leader in policy whether it is land use or
9:00 pm
otherwise as a as proposed to a follower it is for this will in the effect homegrown businesses super duper will not be affected if they hit the chance 11 at 25 stores and start a new chance with 4 stores the fourth is a subsidiary that takes that much precreation, if you will, of the enterprise to get there that's not star billing in fact, the recommendations of the working group were reasonable some folks want to say the first subsidiary should be regulated but we said this is too strike so you get 3 for free you can open up 3 stair bellies but to the point they're
9:01 pm
a mini chain that's regulating the subries that's not what we see from the local home grounlz but corporations and lastly this false awe shergs service station this is retro the ownership the ownership affiliation is a trigger for urndz the definition of a subsidiary the definition of formula retail is no different from before requires the land use and work with the city attorney and has the same overall structure it is a lower threshold of 3 versus 11 that was a very important considerations in design we didn't want to get into regulating the ownership this is a way to identify otherwise formula retail is formula retail i urge to pass this legislation thank you. >> okay is there any additional public comment? >> all right. not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner antonini and
9:02 pm
i'll speak in favor the staff recommendation and the effort from supervisor mar but i don't think this is needed legislation and for a lot of good reasons and travel over many cities in america and not the restrict formula retail restricts they have a lot of home ground businesses that do very well and more of a chains than we do but blend it together pretty well and so if you get too strike you drive businesses away this applies to the many restaurants like super duper as appointed by mr. cohen in it gets to 11 it will with super duper and decide to put dell la rosa he'll come the blood the restrictions this could very well happen and a wise move neighborhoods do well
9:03 pm
on cellist nut and west portal and noah valley and 24 street many neighborhoods could benefit from that kind of an establishment and i think that it would apply to them if that were the case and it has been pointed out the only involve 3 percent of retail businesses those assumption because of a subsidiary it will take off and we for instance, one is no longer in business a subsidiary not other fillmore and jack spade was discontinued altogether and with small non-formula retails sometimes the suby didn't work i had a patient and the name was samoan i didn't she made bags like the
9:04 pm
san francisco's cat spade and she tried to start bags it was not too successful so that subsidiary didn't continue on so you know it doesn't mean because if so a subsidiary that will be successful and grow so there's on a reason - and ownership changes frequently a lot of policing so we can spend our time getting housing approved and taking care of other issues in san francisco as much as crime we have over 50 murders last year in the city one for after square mile and more lots of problems in san francisco that we should be concentrating on instead of trying to police minor issues and trying to somehow the cause the reconciliation where our local
9:05 pm
businesses can't compete with chains i'm a businessman if you put out a better product they'll come not because of the only act in town so i think that also the other thing that legislation might discourage lots of international companies we have had a couple we're approved bought their first bayview store and ass are not necessarily large corporations but secondary brands and choose san francisco could have kohn chosen the pun suicidal if we make things too tough that's what they'll do the shoppers in san francisco will derivative out of the san francisco to pretty much products you've talked to a lot of people we refuse to have those stores in san francisco or made it hard they go elsewhere
9:06 pm
so staff has it right we have to regulate by land use you know the regulation goes with the land not the ownership i'm against this. >> director rahaim. >> commissioners, i said to reinforce a couple of things that ride share stairway star thank you for this broad-based group it was a broad based group of people i wanted to reiterate we have a concern of this issue for two years and vocal self-as long-standing tenant of land use controls not on ownership i replacing disagree with mr. cohen it is not base ownership it absolutely is not subject to to control a different entity it bans ownership this is my primary and my personal primary
9:07 pm
concern the inappropriateness of ownership and sets a precedent you can see this we may not like no ownership structure i'm very, very concern and have been since day one a lot of concerns raised about that the working group and a lot of concerns raised at the by the department and that reason we've taken as aaron said an unusual step of recommending denial notice a normal procure we prefer to work with the supervisor and the constituents on this piece of legislation to bring it into a form we can accept this we can't i appreciate the back and forth it is a very concern on the way it is structured thank you. >> let me offer a couple thoughts first of all, thank you supervisor mar on the work in
9:08 pm
years past open formula retail and when it first came up that's not what we heard but in the past years 24 particular commission has done a really go back of denying and approving some formula retail but for the most part it is good thank you to you those restrictions are working and we seem to be able to put them 2, 3, 4 place this one i'm a little bit concerned for a couple of reasons the working group in and of itself had problems making the decision or to blepdz on the on the same page but hopefully get you to the finish line it needs more work and thought obviously i agree with the leg challenge and lastly other than the athletic or brooks brothers not quite sure whatever examples
9:09 pm
this is caught on fire citywide potentially a problem i'm in the camp of trying to stay pro-active but in this case we might be too ahead of ourselves in creating policy not a major problem in san francisco san francisco though i think we're lucky we have to count our blessing we are a city of nomination innovation and testing for produced whether an absolute startup or on existing established business has the resources to you come up with something new that beacons we should give overseeing people an opportunity to explore new retail opportunities i'm afraid i'm not in favor i like the direction but the staff is not
9:10 pm
supportive of the concerns commissioner vice president richards i guess is question for the city attorney queasy about the legality can you weigh in on that. >> commissioner vice president richards kate stacey from the city attorney's office there are in the legislation relate inform criteria one is ownership and the second is that it does have the similar physical characteristics as the other formula retails what is in the planning code so they really are too criteria necessary to define as formula retail. >> 3 chain versus an 11 complain you can say trademarks or look and feel it is 8 less can we slice it like that? >> the impact of a 3 cane is a
9:11 pm
lot less than 11 store outlets business. >> commissioner vice president richards the it is a little bit more complicated than that 2 it would be a subsidiary of an existing formula retail which would be an 11 outlet chain and it has 3 outlets of the subsidiary in existence and it has the same physical characteristics of formula retail already and so forth in the code so the 11 comes in for the original definition of formula retail if it is a subsidiary of one of those formula retails then the suby will have 3 outlets i hope that make sense.
9:12 pm
>> okay i guess my concern - landlords hold out for the credit quality higher businesses leave a store vacant even though this is paid for we've seen this in the castro and turned down several formula retail for that neighborhood i think there is a difference between seeking a cu and assuming an automatic approval once we hesitate the 3 threshold glow a process not a full blown cu. >> certainly this is possible
9:13 pm
my only point that my strong obamacare objection is based on we're taking the first step ever to regulate who owns that is really my primary concern so u789d you any kind of way to approach the regulation if. >> making a distinction based on leadership and the other database i have when aids health care foundation tried to use the loophole of changing their names to castro pharmacy the neighborhood had heart attack i know i get is one the thoughts when up first read this i wrote down it was not an ownership concern and a subsidiary of formula retail why not an idea
9:14 pm
why not let them come in and not require anything above 3 but once you hit 11 get a cu for any retail in the city so the corporation would you don't get a pass up front a pass up front but not later on is that something - >> that is different than the current. >> if you get 11 today. >> it will, retroactive though. >> we know. >> i understand. >> super duper doesn't require a cu i think that is 10; right? so assuming they cross the threshold 11 want to up, up 11 chains around the world once they hit the 11 a subsidiary of
9:15 pm
the super duper super corporation go back to the city and get a permit. >> we can't retroactively apply that and i mean in that somewhere once dell rosa hits 11. >> it is also be the same definition that is a tough one for me i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say. >> commissioner hillis okay. i agree that is it gets complicated pretty quick i had a discussion with the staff and thought about that a lot i agree with commissioner president fong said your formula retail controls are working and the city has been cutting-edge on this in i'm supportive i get undertake i'm sure other commissioners, do we hear starbuck's and that is one of the kind of loudest comments i
9:16 pm
get when we're out and about it is ridiculous we're hearing things like starbuck's and the express and rejecting them i think it has worked you know i'm supportive of how the formula retail legislation has worked i think that keeping the number wentually have at 11 is good but a lot of time we hear formula retail cases are controversial you know we've had phil's coffee here and go through the process where it wasn't really needed the community supports them we like to say we wish this got though the process but we do capture a lot more formula retail projects in this net that are not controversial and like we're going to catch more not necessarily controversial in going after the
9:17 pm
problem i'm not quite sure exists i have questions so some questions for the staff recycle a franchisee franchise is owned under the current law we get franchises by the same contribute not by the owners; right? so someone starts if there is a purely franchise operation their owned by 20 different operators or owners but they're the same that's caught under the formula retail or am i wrong. >> no. your correct in the case report we didn't current regulate formula retail but owners where owned by mcdonald or a franchisee ace hardware is
9:18 pm
another one. >> it the the sameness that triggered the formula retail i mean one that is concerned me in the past but i think the current legislation the current laws is target or home depot whatever they call it they decide one of the larger formula retail decides to open smaller versions of they're more urban type of investigation would we get at the first thing the first one considered a formula retail use. >> we already do i think you heard the start the city target american people ocean avenue that is a small footprint target store. >> but of they build smaller on vera did care with a 3 thousand square feet store
9:19 pm
because of target it is to be routine by the planning commission, and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote affiliate and because it is similar to target that we get at it? >> has to meet the triggers trigger the name standardized products color scheme and brand they do not abandon a brand it is variable so on the smaller scale. >> say amazon i don't know if they have stores but a large corporation i imagine they have at formula, you know, one we may president in a corridor but open up a first store not caught in the existing formula retail. >> that's correct. >> do you-
9:20 pm
>> morgues i think that is might be structural to right arm or remember what happened at the working group so a concern of online indigent ord a brand specific counter and that is widely known but i don't know if they have stand alone stores and open a storeable consider that to be formula retail a lot of the issues were difficult and discussed kind of a.d. unanimous to is regulating the stores. >> was there a discussion about i read through and thought about it you know, i agree with you on your exclusions but a destruction perhaps a way to tweak it it seems like we're trying to get at the example the
9:21 pm
folks are are not trying to capture the super duper one that failed and one that didn't fail that you know bumping up the 11 to a much larger number when you capture an affiliate so, so from the main formula retail was a starbuck's in nature and not a super duper smoking gun somehow swept was there any discussion. >> that was an original idea i've not heard before. >> i'm sure a lot of debate about the 40s you know under the proposed legislation did the that have to have any relationship besides ownership physical characteristics. >> the 3 is a that's a good question it's a little bit confusing the way the formula retail controls they define the
9:22 pm
formula retail to share the characteristics of the 11 or more stores for signage apparel for the employees and other characteristics and who which what will happen we'll use super duper we've heard by a worker now over the threshold so super duper in and of itself is formula retail under the current definition and more super dupers will be under supervisor mar's proposal 30 stair valleys this share the same characteristics that's whether they'll be regulated as formula retail they don't need to share the characteristics with the super duper but the relationship to star belly and reduce - >> the star belly didn't have
9:23 pm
to share the characteristics of super duper. >> that's correct only ownership. >> it could be a hardware store but super duper can open a hardware store but you caught you potentially and correct. >> that's an area to explore something two the 3 and the 11 but you know so those are ideas i'm not prepared to advance but continues to get worked on looking at the 11 i think a lot of time we're trying to get at the starbuck's opens an affiliate or the gap or the athletic as an work we don't want to capture you know the super duper by way of it's my kids favorite restaurant i think i'm kind of leading in
9:24 pm
favor the staff's recommendation to not support i mean i'd like to see it actually goes back and do work not an option i think there is potentially ways to look at this but we're under some timeline to make a recommendation; correct? >> correct. >> i mean, you have 90 days with transmitter in late 2015 i'm sure the supervisor would like to move forward. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i'll prefer to get this settled today other speakers using my analog don't have to be in the neighborhood puts one in rome and one in new york city and does one in san francisco he comes under those restrictions it is extremely
9:25 pm
restrictive and too restrictive the same with the soup companies and other companies if if he come out with a san francisco bread they grew quickly within san francisco and been very successful i think we modestly might have driven some of the offices some are still here i'm not sure their subsidiary comes under the same restriction this is too of regulations i entirely agree with the board and from hearing ms. stacey's city attorney stacey's remarks the commonality between the subsidiary not between common with the parents formula retail only commonality in name of the appearance, menu, dress of
9:26 pm
subsidiary so that means it is making a restriction of 3 which is much more restrictive i'll move to disapprove. >> second. >> commissioner wu. >> i'm going to vote against the motion i understand the concerns about fully using ownership already a piece about consistent uniforms and such i like the idea i think that commissioner hillis started to somehow connect to the 11 in addition to the ownership i'm not sure but this is my suggestion to the supervisors office and those 0 who work on this going forward. >> i thought point the idea the that the project manager signs an affidavit that seems simple 19 simple and on and on
9:27 pm
reduce we think that that as 11 plus 3 as 14 rather than the 3 the 3 are not stand alone that's what we're trying to get at what are the physical ties between the two groups. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> i'll still on the fence i have a couple of ideas on this i do get the ownership issue coming back to the aids health care foundation castro pharmacy where it was clearly owned by aids health care they changed the name and look we introduced the formula retail and said you can't do that i don't see the difference quite frankly if you have a difference i'd like to hear it director with that said,
9:28 pm
we bump up the 3 to 7 or the that have to be in san francisco so not - one in rome and brooklyn and here doesn't seem the same in the world a pubically owned corporation keep out the starbuck's of the world maybe based on market cap or sales got to be i on a way to get to this we'll not figure out but those are ideas i'd like to send it back and have them think about the potential ways. >> if i can address commissioner wus comment about the affidavit that is fine it is be relying on the trusted whoefrthness of who is filing out the application but the department didn't feel we have others expertise to investigate
9:29 pm
that and prove whether or not they're actually an owner the corporation we don't have this consumer on staff. >> my question what is the diverse this and the health care aids in the castro. >> the health care aids foundation in the castro changed their name to be a formula retail and so the formula retail controls have been changed to address that aids health care foundation doesn't create another sort of pharmacy or another company on that that was not a subsidiary same company as the health care foundation. >> it is interesting. >> excuse me. i believe this is my city attorney legislation not to be discussed.
9:30 pm
>> commissioners i'm recommending we not discuss any further this matter before the commission today. >> i'm going to vote i'd like to move to continue it request the consideration of ideas that came up today i don't know if i'll have support but move to continue those items like 3 in the city and sales and market cap and raising the 3 to 7 and anything to the real issue. >> raise it to 11 we'll recommend approval. >> i'll move to continue i don't know if there is a second i'll vote against this. >> okay. >> commissioner antonini. >> well, you know, i was first on the commission not having formula retail conditional use, however, the discretionary review is still available and a starbuck's that was proposed on
9:31 pm
judy and the neighborhood came out with a dr the dr was approved and that starbuck's was not allowed to go on judy street and no where south of i think on irving and 19th street in the sunset this is available and i believe 24 will be permits issued; is that correct director rahaim when you go in with a subsidiary in a neighborhood the neighbors could not only dr but challenge the permit i assume. >> yes. this is always true. >> the public if they really feel that strongly not wanting to competitive subsidiary in the neighborhood the neighborhood just to a small amount of money anticipate a small signatures
9:32 pm
and having it heard before the planning commission i know the bar is not that high it shouldn't be we don't hear this only 3 percent of the stores in san francisco fit the description of a subsidiary so, i mean i think that is available and we don't have to beat this to death the supervisor can take this to the board without our recommendation and could possible pass there this is time to end this and get it finished today. >> commissioner hillis. >> just one point we do sometimes hear the formula retail cases that are not the 0 objection an example there was additional objection is that and maybe the case in the castro with the pharmacy that wasn't necessary formula
9:33 pm
retail there were competitive reasons and discussed the wrong fit and use reasons so i mean whether we take into consideration i know i do when we do that but i think this is hard to take some cases and trying to feed them into this i think use sometimes is an issue which is not necessarily we're taking up in the formula retail to play while i'm not supportive of this i think there a could be something that comes out of this that works i mean the supervisor can hear your comments and perhaps tweak this but send it back to the drawing board so you know i'm still not supportive by you i'm not against kind of looking at the subsidiaries in some fashion in the future and putting forward regulation. >> commissioner wu. >> i want to address the
9:34 pm
question of american people continuance i'll ask the staff to forward i think we've discussed commissioner vice president richards laid out a number of ideas you know what the commission has sdutdz discussed in terms of possible solutions it is up to the board to see what they'll do. >> i'll add to some of your discussions have been discussed and not needed to but the full gamete of what that working group came up with was not applicable but adding to that list is good. >> jonas we're ready for the question. >> okay commissioners there is a motion and a second to adopt a recommendation for disapproval of the proposed legislation on that motion commissioner antonini
9:35 pm
commissioner hillis commissioner moore purpose absent for a good portion of preceding. >> i had another meeting although i participated in the working group and not participate in the discussion i feel comfortable with voting for the procedural interpretation. >> city attorney says it the legislation not a permit so that's the point think outside the box commissioner moore no commissioner wu marry no commissioner vice president richards no commissioner president fong i'm very sorry the motion is to - >> adopt a recommendation for disapproval yes. >> right that motion fails 3 to 3 pursuant to the code regulation speaks to planning code amendments unless a subsequent motion it made and a
9:36 pm
continues or a adoption of approval this motion fails, however, the request before you is to adopt for proposed legislation the recommendation would modify as disapproved. >> commissioner richards. >> i move to continue this item. >> do you hear a second. >> okay. >> commissioner moore. >> i move to forward with detailed recommendations about this particular deliberation. >> we'll need to take a motion of intent. >> a motion of intent sorry. >> second. >> i'm not sure quite sure they will hear about our discussion. >> it's still disapproval. >> an additional motion presented that has been seconded in order to adopt a
9:37 pm
recommendation for approval with alternate. >> no. >> on a variety. >> no i understand it is not a disapproval it is a no. >> and staff it will need to be a motion of intent to draft something. >> it depends on how complicate it is if the motion were to include the published summaries of the working group and the details if details from the commission that's fine we can move forward with that or more complicated a motion of intent is the best motion. >> i withdraw my motion. >> okay. >> is there an alter motion seeing none, this will be forwarded with a recommendation for disapproval as well as your comments. >> commissioners commissioners, that places you
9:38 pm
under your item 6 24th a conditional use authorizati authorization. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong marseille with the planning staff the item before you a request for a conditional use authorization for a single-family dwelling with garage the proposed replacement structure is a 4 story building with 4 residential units at a height of 45 feet the mixed use building is proposed with no off-street parking with 25 lot frontage and 5 secured bicycle spaces for the residential unit and two bicycle parking space have for the commercial use on the sidewalk the replacement is code compliant the project is located in the 24th noah valley commercial district and surrounded by mixed use with ground floor commercial and
9:39 pm
units above the building is small in scale and appropriate for the site and comparable with the neighborhood that has mixed use character no garage is required and no one been introduced and maintaining the pedestrian experience it occurs through the after the preapplication and with the urban design reflective the design that includes setting back the 4 floor and incorporating the ground floor space instead of the parking space at the time of the publication the department has not received in support of our in opposition since publication one objection to the depression of the structure is it so part of neighborhood characterization i have a copy for our review an
9:40 pm
e-mail was forwarded this morning about the early review of the project with the previous planner through design administrations referenced earlier and in your packets we have concerns that were address and not aware of the opposition though the project i have a copy of this as well in the 12th noah valley mcd this requires the conditional use authorization the department recommends it be approved i'm available for questions. >> i have two copies of each. >> project sponsor. >> thank you and good
9:41 pm
afternoon, commissioners john with here on behalf of the appellant is an stunt with an existing be non-rer8d single-family home is replaced with a building in building that is sensiblely designed and more consistent with the neighborhood i want to have the architect come up with the design. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm with the state consulting the building in front of you on 24th street is a 4 story building we worked with the planning department to make sure that the proposed building fits into the garage and essential to the surrounding lots and mid mid
9:42 pm
block open space to go with this design elements and to talk about how to exceeds into the block in order to have those buildings block space we have a 3 story building massing at the sidewalk level and setback of 10 feet at the floor and the 4th floor that will louse allow us to soften the sidewalk experience at the sidewalk level and if there's a penthouse and elevated penthouse on the top floor and we are providing additional 10 feet setback from read third and fourth floor the surrounding block has been implement into
9:43 pm
the design such as wood siding and cornice if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them. >> thank you, commissioners so the project is before you it requires the conditional use authorizations for a removal at the second floor and the project the proposed project will be much greater benefit to the city for a number of reasons so first very important issue on the existing home not subject to rent control and the single-family home is not rent-controlled and replaced by 5 new dwelling units a net increase of 4 units on the site even though existing home is not explored affordable and section 317 of code for the threshold at
9:44 pm
the 80 percent outlet e i will i did is $46 million an appraisal from 2015 volley ball the existing building at one million dollars plus so about 200 and $80,000 than cared affordable ranging from size from three hundred plus one thousand three hundred plus those are modest motor homes homes that limit the future sizes the proposed believes is more consistent with the character of the neighborhood so the existing building a second floor single-family home and the vast majority of buildings on 24th have multiple dwelling units and many on the ground floor a reminder an mcd commercial district that as higher wall and
9:45 pm
the project is 3 stories that up the street so in our package you'll see a depression the photos there are 3 stories one with 4 stories but again at the street month buildings are 3 stories f this is not out of character with what is existing and the project is 7-eleven to the neighborhood i've seen good inadequate gay here talking about sensitivity of the buildings in the noah valley neighborhood as a direct result eliminated outline rooftop and elevator penthouses dynamic aware this is the first thing we've engineered that i worked on we reengineered the building no penthouse on the rooftop on this a 3 and a half glass
9:46 pm
railing for the roof deck we're providing as discussed a 10 foot setback at the front we're adding 3 stories at the street as recommended by the design guidelines and we provide a rear setback to properly transition between the two adjacent buildings we're consistent with the rear yard and maintain the mid block open space so in conclusion, this result in a net increase of 4 dwelling units and provides the retailer and more consistent with the neighborhood and for those reasons we ask the planning commission approve the project thank you. >> opening it up for public comment (calling names) a >> hi, i'm barbara i live on
9:47 pm
jersey street i thereby large and will impact us my property and the people in noah valley i think that will impact parking, contradiction, noise and noise in general it is the neighborhood originally was an irish community on a street between commercial and residential a lot of houses on it besides the small commercial it is goes up a hill there is like little vic transparence a group of 3 not fitting in there is a like- it's zoned commercial to put a gigantic building nothing on the street
9:48 pm
that is as large as this building the original square feet one thousand plus it is proposed 7 thousand plus square feet it is almost 8 thousand square feet it is 6 and a half times the existing building that was there and looking at the the building from that side of 24th street it is 2 and a half times large not little like they said it is not and the average size of the whole block even the houses beside is 6 thousand plus feet so i think that i would like the one story taken off the building and have 5 units of residential w which the city lost but not the 4 story on top one building if you go down 24th and sdprfshgs castro and 24th there
9:49 pm
is a 2 story building and a 3 story building not really that big of buildings and the one that constructed near church is out the place doesn't fit into noah valley not like the landscape is a small community so i suggest one story off it and then if i get okay parking space the average number of cars for noah valley is one .32 to 3 parking provided and that would have 8 additional parking spaces on the street we have a library across the street, we have handicap, green space and a church around the corner and merchant that park on our street it is very tight and people that double park so i think they should provide the parking and last but not least i talked to
9:50 pm
scott wiener he didn't know construction. >> thank you, ma'am combrurp your time is up. >> my name is peter director nolan stop sign i own the property directly behind the project we are addressing my main concern for the integrity of the quality of life in the neighborhood and notwithstanding how this property is zoned if you walk up from church street to diamond to douglas on 24th street just a few buildings what direction - west from castro street you will notice a huge difference in the quality of the street
9:51 pm
the buildings goes from 100 percent commercial with residential on top of the commercial properties peter out quickly the rest of the block to the corner and next corner are much, much smaller in scale than the commercial businesses on the main part of 12th street so 24th street by building a building this much bigger what is around this is from my expense living in san francisco for 26 years we are setting a precedent to change the quality of this part of neighborhood and my wife and i live happily
9:52 pm
in the house for 26 years and we're very nervous this precedence of this building such a the square footage and behind will be a substantial change in the neighborhood so the lady talked about parking we do believe that having that many new residents will encourage 6, 8, 10 new cars to be searching around the neighborhood looking for parking this would be a additional big issue so thank you for your time and for the work you do i hope you consider my comments thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners my name is janet i live 34
9:53 pm
hoffman avenue and was passing for 4171 i noticed the sign on it and was shocked when i read first, this looks like a jump start an density housing plan and a project of this scale 5 residential unit that replaces what is currently a two-story single-family home with a garage deserves more than a 20 day notice it will have an impact on the neighborhood for parking and not likely that families in search of a home in noah valley there are amuse commercial spaces they've been integrated into homes and a number of
9:54 pm
spaces are real estate office are people looking for single-family homes the project at 4171 hoffman is out of character in height and density with the rest of block i don't believe this housing is close to the idea of for families with children i also believe the commercial unit will bring more needs for off-street parking young affluence families will have cars full of car seats and shuttle their kids all over the place one of my greatest concerns in the project that it is another example of the continuation of an insidious growing pattern of investor developer buying of single-family homes with the intent to demolition and
9:55 pm
magnificent building on small lots that bring huge profit single-family buyers radio locked out because their aspiration can't compete with their aspiration for profits how, how, we find a balance within the profitability and the american dream with homeownership it was mentions that the home appraised for one .8 which is now you know unaffordable but navigate it is this drive that is bringing those appraisals higher and higher on my block that was the most recent home that was you know remodeled but really demolished was sold for about nine hundred thousand something
9:56 pm
and first and then sold for one point - $6.7 million thank you, ma'am. >> ma'am, your time is up. >> next item, please. >> danny. >> hi my name is danny of twoeth street which is the two house down from the project street the only concern i have is that i know we received the information about the new proposal of how they build the buildings initial proposal they building what they push back two 20 feet into the backyard and a roof deck and out of that you know walk on the street and they
9:57 pm
have a meeting i just know i heard the commission other than i never received any notification through the mail or anything so just you know two weeks ago i received the information from the city saying that today was going to have a hearing that's why i wanted to come over and take into account what they're trying to do the only thing i'm concerned the roof deck the roof deck as you may know is the entertainment people go there and have parties and noise this is going to directly impact me they build the roof deck after the building they put 3 story up high my building not that high it is aged so they're really on the higher end twice at all as my building they can look at the
9:58 pm
skin. >> sflo my house with a roof deck and all the noise when they will have parties so that is the main concern i have so i don't like the design if they have roof deck. >> i'll have to start the time. >> i have a couple of questions about first of all, is it rental or condo explicit say that anywhere in the documentation i think that makes a difference the whole issue of affordability the appraisal may have been in november but the thing sold last year, it was $625,000 so you know we're talking about land use but price that land use the
9:59 pm
jacking up the price of single-family home does make it more not assessable to anyone like a single-family but the increase in the price or the appraisal that is a question to be raised two of the units under one thousand square feet and two are over i think that one bedroom is odd kind of like a live workspace with the loft not a real one bedroom i question what the use is that an airbnb possibly, i don't know it depends on the occupancy it is rental or condo and in terms of the a single-family home this is i have this question i'm xhufdz sometimes here we talk about single-family home 4 thousand homes in noah valley but in this
10:00 pm
case we're talking about things under 15 hundred square feet it is the average of most noah valley homes being family housing and no car no place for a car nonetheless your lucky if you have school-aged children and get into al invade you don't need a car to take the child to school so those are questions that i think need to be asked i think that whatever you do it would be nice it it were made smaller for the people on the street i hope you'll codify with the thing with the windows the windows on the rear are one size and they're made much larger after - bless you - after their approval it happened around me the staff goes to deliberate


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